Steve harvey 36 dating questions

Steve arranges a surprise date for a woman in Chicago; a couple receives a surprise honeymoon gift; a female sportswriter receives a makeover; and a man creates a video to tell his girlfriend that he loves her. A man is crowned as "Mr. California", in a pageant featuring appearances by Kim Gravel and Carrie Keagan ; foodie Auntie Fee serves up a meal inspired by "Love Month"; a woman is honored for helping military families; Steve arranges a date for a woman.

Steve arranges a date for a woman from Greensboro, N.

Steve plays matchmaker for Dawn Wells Gilligan's Island ; an overworked mother takes a day off; and Steve arranges a surprise date for a woman in Philadelphia. Viewers help plan the wedding of Steve's daughter; a new dating app is highlighted; and Steve plays matchmaker for two sisters. Three men surprise their ladies by expressing their love; lubricants are discussed; a family receives a ski trip.

Steve helps a woman whose husband doesn't appreciated Valentine's Day; a couple talk about their great American love story. A Valentine's Day edition features an audience consisting of single ladies. Steve highlights New York City love stories; a popular bachelor from the show returns. Christina Milian ; an organization that provides animal-assisted therapy; tips to throw an animal-themed birthday party; worst pickup lines. Steve helps a romantically-challenged man arrange a dream date for his wife; Steve hosts a surprise marriage proposal; and Steve revisits memorable couples from the show.

Steve and Sunny Hostin try to help women solve the mysteries of men; Steve pays a surprise visit to a couple who run a bagel business; panelists Kim Gravel , Adrienne C. Moore and Pastor Paula White discuss hot topics. Steve helps a romantically-challenged dater from Virginia; Steve pays a visit to a couple devoted to feeding New York City's homeless; mixologist highlights "love portions"; Steve hosts a chapter study from his book; a honeymoon goes awry.

Steve plays matchmaker for a woman with a meddling mother; a business owner shares her story of success; three children offer thanks to the strangers who helped them pay for their mother's funeral. A woman appraises two potential dates by snooping through their homes in a segment featuring Kim Gravel and Carrie Keagan ; budget-friendly spring getaways are highlighted; Brandi Glanville participates in a dating experiment. A sex edition of "Is It Weird? Steve plays matchmaker for entertainment correspondent Nischelle Turner ; tips to spice up ordinary bedrooms are shared; David Otunga helps an overweight man embrace a healthy lifestyle.

But his answer will be critical because it will reveal to you what his plans for you are.

If you've been out on a couple of dates and you've had lots of conversation, you know something about him, but what's more important, you want to know what he is thinking about you. You have a right to know. He was attracted to something—he liked your hair, your eyes, your legs, your outfit. He didn't walk over there just to be walking. Beyond the initial attraction, however, men pretty much know if you're the kind of woman they're going to sleep with and keep it moving, or if they're going to stick around and see if they want more.

This, you will be able to tell by his answers.

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Listen to his answer closely. I assure you this is how it will go, because every man will answer this question the same exact way: I think you're the kind of woman I could see myself with," all of that generic stuff we know you want to hear. Still, this isn't the answer you should be looking for.

You want to know that he's really thought about you beyond the surface. So do the follow-ups. What about me makes you think I'm kind? But if he says, "You remember that time when it was my mom's birthday and you called me and reminded me to pick up a card for her?

5 Relationship Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Serious (VIDEO)

That was really nice. The level of his specifics will give you yet another clue into this man's intentions for your relationship. If he can give you specifics, it means he's been listening and adding it up—he's determining if he's going to keep you, if he can see himself in a committed relationship with you. And that could mean that you're at least on the same relationship page. Now this is not to be confused with what do you "think" about me—"think" and "feel" are two wholly different things.

And if a man cannot tell you how he feels about you after a month of dating, it's because he doesn't feel anything for you—he just wants something. Ask a man how he feels about you, and he's going to get confused and nervous: You cut him right off and say, "No, no, I want to know how you feel about me.

But you'll have to get him to answer it. Don't get upset if he doesn't answer right away: Men do not do emotion well, at all, and expressing it doesn't come easy.

Question No. 3: What Are Your Views on Relationships?

He can answer questions about God and the kids and his mother, but with this question, you're asking him to look into his soul, and our DNA isn't made up for the heartfelt outpouring to just anybody. But this doesn't mean you should let up.

What you're looking for in his answer is something like this: He may not be in love with you just yet, but he's crazy about you and he's probably thinking he wants to explore a long-term commitment with you, because when he starts to profess and put you in a position where he can provide for and protect you, he's seeing a future with you in it. And this is exactly where you want to be with this guy.

The "I think you're cool" answer isn't going to cut it here, ladies. And if, after you've asked the question and probed deeper, you realize his feelings for you don't run very deep— that he's just not there—then you need to not be there, too.

Ask Steve: Men don't give a damn how long it takes! -- STEVE HARVEY

Pump the brakes until you start hearing and feeling from him the things that you think are important to hear and feel from a man with whom you're willing to forge a relationship. You may not necessarily like the answers, but he's going to answer them. If he refuses, then don't bother with him.

Steve harvey 36 dating questions

Empower yourself—it's your right to know all of these answers up front; per my ninety-day rule, which you'll discover in the next chapter, you need to ask these questions within the first few months of a courtship. You can ask them for clarification. Or you may need to ask them with the hope that they'll solidify what you may already know—either that you need to get out of your relationship or that you are headed in the right direction.

Or they may make you say, "Wow, I'm glad I'm with this man.

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Know, too, that though we'll answer the questions because we like talking about ourselves, our answers just may make us consider the woman who's asking the questions in a different light. We definitely want to know where our women stand on these issues, too, but we're not going to bring it up—especially if our intentions for you aren't pure. But in your conversations around these issues, your man just might learn something about you, too, something that makes him know he's got a pretty solid woman on his side.

Say, for instance, he tells you that he wants to be an engineer and he's going to night school to get his degree, and you tell him that you have a few friends who are engineers and you can offer to introduce him to them so that they can give some helpful advice as he works toward his new career. When you offer that helping hand, he starts to think, "Wow, this woman is interested in my goals and ambitions. She's offering to help me out. Maybe she might be the one to get me to the next level.

See, you're getting information from him and plugging yourself into all these slots—do I see myself in his short-term plans, his long-term plans, as a part of his family, having babies with him, helping him continue a solid relationship with his mom, being a role-model dad for our kids, the whole picture? But it's a two-way street: Click here to return to the "Good Morning America" Web site.

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Steve Harvey on his annual mentoring camp, the infamous Steve Harvey reveals the five questions women should ask men before getting too serious.