Dating agency cyrano ep 16 recap

The kidnapping thing isnt an entire shock, but I just want to know what Hawaiian shirt guy really has against the agency and why kidnap someone over it. There has to be a third person spying on them. I'm not holding my breath. I wonder if the death of Hye-ri's brother has anything to do with Cyrano.

Maybe the agency took his girl and "gave" her to its client and he was so brokenhearted some screws went loose and then he committed suicide? So maybe the Hawaiian guy is the best friend and is helping Hye-ri get revenge? Arrrrrgggghhhhh, Monday wouldn't come too soon! Annoyed with Seung-pyo and Byung-hoon. Worried by Hye-ri and Mi-jin. I don't like how Seung-pyo is going about trying to win MY's heart. It's like he has a mission to try to win her over using the method that would hurt her the most. Show, I liked you a lot. Despite Cyrano's meddling or perhaps because of it , maybe we just weren't meant to be.

You know when I first watched this episode the restaurant scene where Hye Ri tells Moo Jin not to hate her no matter what I was absolutely convinced Hye Ri was behind Min Young's kidnapping but not now. Now I've come up with a few counter theories that while not equally likely to each other or to Hye Ri being responsible and while I may be the worst person on earth at identifying people by anything other than faces those legs at the end of the preview looked like Hye Ri's. Min Young organized and staged her own kidnapping in order to make mister prickly pants himself Byung Hoon get off his bum and act on his feelings, while this doesn't explain everything and I can't come up with a connection between her and creepy Hawaiian shirt guy, she does know and have a good relationship with everyone else involved.

Yi Seol told the Master the truth of the events that led to his brothers death and seeing that his animosity towards Byung Hoon is about to cause an almost identical situation and the Master and Yi Seol decide to team up and make Byung Hoon move his bum.

However again that doesn't explain everything and the preview shows the Master looking for her so maybe not. I most likely Hyeri has something to do with Il-do the Hawaiian Shirt guy, there was a time when their phone rang together and all maybe from their accomplice? She always look uncomfortable around him, too. Maybe it's not because she's creeped out but because they're hiding something Minyoung staged her own kidnapping is probable too.

She did say something about the one who first come to rescue is the one who cares about you the most. But then that will be disappointing to me. The few last episodes of other Flower Boys series disappoint me, I hope it's not this case with Cyrano. I'm completely in love with this drama and love the characters and the OTP I hope Min-young doesn't put Seung-Po's hiring the agency against him. I think she's a hypocrite if she does. It's okay for you to do it to other people but you feel outraged when it happens to you. I wonder if the fact that she had an idea that he likes her, make it more or less manipulative?

I Like Seung-Po though, Byung-hoon is such a jerk. Iunderstand min young's anger if shell direct it byung hoons way bbecause he did it in purpose but i hope she doesnt get mad with Master.. Aside from the random forced ending, i liked this ep. Im intrigued with hyeri's comments aasking moojin to not hate her hmmph.. I really don't like the kidnapping scenario at all. It just seems farfetched and way overboard. I put my trust in MY so I know she won't be angry at Master, if she did it wouldn't be like her at all. She's sweet, empathetic and understanding- she will understand Masters true intentions.

If anything she's just mad at BH and has all the rights to be. On the other hand, if Moojin cries and gets his heart stomped all over.. I know this isn't likely, but I've had this thought in the back of my mind throughout the series. Hye-ri was there as an operative, but in the middle of the operation started to fall for Min Joo, so therefore the apology? Ngaww, be strong Min Young!

Love the drama so far, so I sincerely hope the writers don't sway from their fresh, unique twists to something makjang. I'm happy that this drama is back on its toes I was worried about the last episode what with all the noble idiosies I'm happy they confronted all that in here.. And I think whoever told Dok go chef is probably exposing all the cases.. And I can't stop thinking that this has something to do with the very first case The one that brought Min-Young into the agency I'm glad next week is the end because we'll really find out what Hawaiian Shirt's deal is, lol.

I could do without the kidnapping though, it seems too farfetched, even in this world. I was hoping even if there's no happy ending btwn them, they would always be close. I really, really, really don't like Master. The more he does stuff like this, the more I want Byung-hoon to win Min-young even if he has been a noble idiot recently.

Also adding Hawaiian shirt guy and Hye-ri to that list. I think I dislke Hye-ri even more than the other creepy guy who is not Seung-pyo because she'll be breaking pretty robot Moo-jin's heart. She's ugly guy's accomplice in whatever scheme they've cooked up with to get revenge Cyrano. Anyway, this drama made me think about a Cyrano Agency in real life.

I'm pretty sure I'd either be pissed off when I find out I'm the target of an operation or I'd be really grateful to them. I would also probably use the agency if their rate's affordable to get me closer to my crush too. Don't people get friends and family's help to do the same thing? The only difference is that you don't pay your family or friends to help you.

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I am not too happy with the sudden last minute kidnap. Yes I would really like to see how it all unravels and Seo Byung and Master fighting to rescue her. But it feels so last minute that I wish they could've incorporated this a bit sooner in the previous episodes. It's coming down to the last two episodes and I don't want it to be rushed. There's still so much to tie up with Hyeri and all of this love triangle. Kind of makes me wish that they would get an extension, a proper one that won't drag things.

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But one can only wish. Just started watching this show although I have been following the recaps. I am surprised to say that I actually enjoy watching it.

It's not heavy and melodramatic and dumb. It's sctually as Javabeans describes it Zippy but not addictive. Thanks for the recaps. And the genius guy from What's Up. Really hope the ending wraps up nicely. I really do have a soft spot for all the characters and couplings in this show!

Before finishing episode 13 with subs, I spoiled myself by reading some posts about the kidnapping scene. Then comes a call from the kidnapper, whose voice is garbled electronically to sound gruff and unrecognizable. Through a few chuckles and taunts, he issues Byung-hoon directions on how to locate a bus seat, under which his next message will be taped. The boys are to remain put at the theater. Byung-hoon thinks fast and issues instructions on leads for them to follow. This requires him to take the wheel, which is no easy feat. He gives up and opts for a taxi instead, managing to catch up to the bus just as it pulls in to the stop.

He jumps onboard, scrambles around and gets mistaken for a pervert, and finally pulls a bulky package from under a seat. And as he gets off with the package, an obscured face takes note of his actions and puts in a phone call. The three boys pore over CCTV footage of Min-young getting into an unregistered car, as well as the stack of photos, which include snapshots taken during missions. Since Hawaiian Shirt specified the bus by route and license number, those must be clues. An address search using those numbers turns up a certain vault, though, of the kind housing ashes and urns.

Time for the next phase, he decides. Moo-jin reviews old tapes of their ex-client, one which was shot at a hospital, presumably in his last days. The client cuts the video short to avoid his little sister seeing, and the camera catches her face: She promised her dying brother to get payback on the people responsible for making his last days lonely. Moo-jin hides the Hye-ri connection for the time being, and then the three guys get simultaneous text messages. The clues shake out to: All references to their prior cases. He gives them an hour to come find Min-young: Is he revisiting his shadowy past?

Sure enough, he turns up at a den of gangsters, making his way to the head boss.

What could make Seung-pyo come back for the first time in two years? The agency guys split up to get to work on meeting their targets, as indicated by the clues. He approaches with a stone face and tells her he has someplace to take her. A text arrives to inform Arang what he is to do: Moo-jin takes Hye-ri with him to the library, where he gets the same text. Seung-pyo tells his ex-boss that he made a promise not to return to this life to his hyung, perhaps?

The boss sneers, but Seung-pyo kneels before him and asks again for the favor. Idol girlfriend slaps Arang when she hears his confession. Was he playing Cupid for his best friend all those years ago, then? Byung-hoon admits to regretting it later, not having fully understood his feelings for her at the time he agreed to help Do-il.

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But Yi-seol hardly seems shocked, and asks if he really thinks she fell in love with Do-il because of some letter: Turns out Do-il told her years ago. She wonders what prompted him to come here today, and urges him to stop running away. Instead, think about the person who forced him to confront his feelings—a scene that Min-young watches with shiny eyes from her hostage lair. Or did they not care because he was dying? She calls him a liar, but he has video proof.

He hands over his phone, and she watches as her brother pleads with Byung-hoon to take the case, not wanting to leave his girlfriend behind alone. Furthermore, the couple knew that her brother was the one pushing them together. Hawaiian Shirt watches on his screen, not entirely pleased with the way things are shaking out but laughing in his creepy serial killer way nonetheless.

So she hazards a guess: Hawaiian Shirt is making his getaway in a car when he calls again, this time with a demand to set up a meeting with a woman named So-yeon: With that, Hawaiian Shirt sets the time and place for their next meeting, two hours hence. He hums to himself cheerily about getting them good. They rifle through his notes, and among his papers is a letter written to Yi-seol, from Do-il. Seung-pyo furrows his brow—why is that part of this case?

He connects the dots: Then did Byung-hoon play matchmaker for his brother? The diagrams include a theater stage, and a bomb. Then Minion Two opens up a cabinet, which explodes in his face and sends him flying with a bloody arm. The boys urge Seung-pyo to hurry to the agency asap and put a stop to the crazy man.

Byung-hoon arrives at the address indicated, but hears from the woman living there that the person in question has been living abroad for over a year. The crazy man sent him on a wild goose chase to get him away from the theater. But this is drama climax.

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Who cares about logic. Byung-hoon makes a desperate request of the lady to use her car. Ready to confront our fears, are we? Min-young makes an attempt to knock him aside and make a run for it, but he grabs her and shoves her head-first into a metal locker. She goes out cold. Byung-hoon struggles behind the wheel, but manages to get it turned on.

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He chants to himself to think of Min-young, and powers through. On a purely intellectual level, I think it works just fine.

I like that they challenge the agency on their fundamental principles, and point out the downside to their work, albeit one seen through a twisted and incomplete lens. But since the question of manipulating emotions is a valid one, good on the show for bringing it up itself, rather than ignoring it in favor of the fantasy. Your email address will not be published.

Dating agency cyrano ep 16 recap

I think this is one of the weakest episode which is a shame considering it's 2nd to last but I see that it was there to set up the ending. It's sad that it falls flat. I just keep saying to myself this is supposed to be a ridiculous drama about a ridiculous dating agency. Being ridiculous is good in small portions but this ep just gave me more than I wanted. The acting was good. However they can only act as the script dictates.

And the script and flow for this episode was jarring. I don't lie to a girl I like. Felt disconnected mostly, so I hope the last episode will be better. I really like him with his longer hair versus the shorter haircut he had before. I kinda saw the whole Hye Ri thing coming especially with those ominous words from the last ep but I think the execution is better than what I expected albeit quite dramatic for the light-hearted fare we've been getting it like JB said. And while the kidnapping seemed a bit random, I understand that it was a way to force Seo Byung to own up to his feelings and made sense that they team was quick on the uptake like they normally are with their own missions.

But gah, I felt so bad for Moo Jin: I am currently watching dating agency cyrano was a rough episode 12 english sub - want to have javascript enabled in an accident and. Thea starts dating agency ep 3, s father ep 3, highlights and download. Thea starts dating agency cyrano ep 16 - ep 5 online dating agency cyrano ep How to watch full length episodes, highlights and more.

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