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But in the end I just wasn't ready. I dropped out after the first year, saved like crazy over the summer and spent the next four years travelling around South America teaching maths and English. Apart from visits from my family, in that time I completely lost touch with everyone from my life in Australia. Towards the end of my time living in Peru I started to realise it was time to go home and grow up, and I was excited to give university another go. I moved back in with my parents, enrolled in Education at uni and breezed through the course. My mum encouraged me to catch up with my best friends from high school, but I felt a bit nervous meeting up with Laura and the girls after five years which felt like five decades.

When I had been climbing pyramids on my own and meeting new friends over tacos, my old friends had all been planning their futures together and some even having babies. We all became friends on Facebook but attempts to meet up were never realised. For my first teaching practical I went to work at a public boys' school in the outer suburbs of Sydney and discovered to my delight that my supervisor was my favourite maths teacher from high school. Thomas, who had been my teacher for years 11 and 12, had been every girl's crush as he was not just the only young, attractive male teacher at the all-girls school; he was also a genuinely nice person who we could tell wanted us to succeed.

Thomas was still the fantastic teacher I remembered him to be and in the first few weeks of my first practical Thomas gave me lots of helpful advice as well as being fascinated to listen to my stories from my time in South America. It felt so good to talk to him, and in our break times I started asking Thomas about his life too. He had just gone skydiving for his 33rd birthday and loved spending the weekends with his sister's kids.

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One day he explained that he had stopped teaching at my high school the year after my year group had left because he felt a lot of pressure being a male teaching at an all-girls school. I was about to joke about how to my year-old self he was the closest thing to Leonardo DiCaprio I had seen in my life. Then I realised that my year-old self felt attracted to him in a completely new and very adult way.

Was this the start of a teacher student affair?! I was embarrassed to feel myself blushing and remembering the way my friends and I used to talk about him after class and felt really awkward around him for the last few weeks of my prac.

Real life story: "I married my high school teacher"

Sex with such a person carries heavy contradictions and confusion -- not only for him but for you. That's not to say that two mature, committed people could not resolve those tensions and confusion; perhaps they could. Stranger things have happened. But to attempt to nurture this fleeting tryst into a mature relationship would be difficult, risky and probably doomed. So I suggest that, having broken it off, you henceforth avoid all contact with the young man. Moreover, I suggest you contact a lawyer, explain what has happened and get some good advice.

Someone could tell someone who could tell someone's parents and next thing you know charges, while baseless, could be filed. So get the advice of an attorney about how to respond should it come up. For instance, you and this young man might have had some perfectly innocent interactions prior to his graduation and 18th birthday that could be misconstrued if clumsily expressed; you would want to think carefully about what to say in that regard. Having said all that, I would also like to say that while child sexual abuse is an abominable crime, there also seems to be a certain tabloid hysteria in this country about teachers, students and sex that neither protects children nor helps them grow into responsible, caring, thinking adults.

It comes down to that younger girls are more easily impressed as a rule. He is a great guy but most ladies his own age would expect him to have more figured out. Budj May 29, , 9: I also agree with RR…. Sounds like my ex boyfriend! He texts and keeps in touch with most students and it was a real problem for me. Some teachers like to see where their students go in life kind of like looking at their finished product , and some like to continue providing guidance. I remember after I graduated high school, my band directors continued to email me and call me to have lunch because they wanted to see how my college music classes were going.

And I wanted to keep in touch with them because they taught me a lot, and I used them for references for a few years. Then of course, there are the teachers that are just being weird and socializing with their former students.

So this just gives me the willies. Even if he was attracted to her when she was a student, he was able to act professionally and appropriately at that time unlike the TA from the last letter. Four years is a decent amount of distance between him being an authority figure for her, and more of a peer. And a lot has changed in her life. People grow and mature a lot in those four years between late teenagedom and early twenties, and she also has an educatio. Hmmmm…maybe, but maybe not. It still feels a little, weird, but there is a substantial amount of distance between him teaching her and now.

L May 29, , 1: One of the girls in my high school class started dating one of our previous teachers at He was 26 or so at the time and incredibly immature, might I add , and it creeped me out. They were together for a good 2 years, and it was just so weird that they started dating almost right after she had graduated.

That meant to me that something was going on while she was still in school….

Jillie z May 29, , 4: This reminds me of my hot geometry teacher in high school we all flirted with him obnoxiously, because he was obviously off limits who then got a senior pregnant and her dad forced him to marry her and also got him a teaching job in another district. I wonder where they are now!

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LW, I do think your teacher wants to date you, but you two are in different places in your life right now, and he is trying to be the nice guy here, but leading you on while trying to do that. I was thinking to myself, if this was 5 years ago I would be the first one at that table! Budj May 29, , Oh I can still definitely hold my own, they next day is always a lot less fun though now!

Like if we had a DW meet up in Boston, and everyone wanted to play High-Low, beerpong, and flip cup I would be all in! The situation above was just funny, because this girl was hammered 10 mintues into the party, and yelling it every five minutes. But once she was drunk enough for her P to be out she was surrounded by 40 year old guys trying to get her to drink more… and that is where we get creepy old men from kids….

CatsMeow May 29, , Nothing against all of that, but really? It makes me feel ancient. If I had a place to sleep, and a bunch of people who were all going to act like an idiot with me, then I would probably still play them. No we just save this activity for our bachelor parties which mine is coming up next, and then two more friends right after that.

I just think it depends on where the two people are in their lives! Violet May 29, , 9: I never did either, theattack. They are both legal age and consenting adults. I do think he is attracted to her and is testing the waters to see how she reacts to him. Lea May 29, , 9: I kind of agree here. I am also in the minority. I think honesty is always the best policy.


She should ask him what he wants from this relationship. She can tell him she expects that since he is a guy he might be wanting sex but that she is not into being a bed buddy. This man might be full of integrity which means that he might very well have been interested in her while she was in hs but did not act on his feelings unlike that creepy guy in the news lately. He might have made himself wait until she was finished with school assuming she has some experience and can manage their age difference.

I married young and have had a very good marriage. Does she know where she is headed job wise, location wise etc.?

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How deep are her feelings for him? Questions will either give you a good feeling to move forward with this man or the idea that you need to MOA. Leroy May 29, , But as least it suggests that he actually likes her.

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Leroy May 29, , 6: Lindsay May 29, , 6: It sounds like he realizes how it seems and is half-heartedly trying to hold back. But as others have said, it may just be that they are in different places in life. ColorsOfTheWind May 29, , 9: Claire May 29, , 9: Kristina May 29, , I also think that any guy in his 30s who is still pining for a young girl he taught a few years ago whether he just wants sex or wants more is not very emotionally mature. But I agree that his behavior is not that of a man who is interested in a woman as relationship material.

I think the age and how they met is mostly irrelevant, as she is an adult now.