Dating in san francisco vs los angeles

That simple Transamerica Tower is enough to make the skyline unique. Add two beautiful bridges and being surrounded by water, this is no contest. Griffith and the Hollywood hills definitely try and are a fair offerings to LA… for being dry dust mounds.

SF has too many parks and open spaces to even start naming. This should be a tie. They both have great arts districts, a natural history museum, science museums LA has the shuttlllle , and observatories Chabot probably gets better images than Griffith. SF is a little pretentious that way. LA is definitely trying to catch up. Our plastic bag ban came 1 yr after SFs. Local farmers markets are popping up more and more.

Ok, if you actually tally it up, LA won by a handful really racked up points in Food. Someone who ranks nature lower and is fine with Runyon Canyon will say LA. In the end, LA is just bigger and a much more diverse melting pot, so there are more choices of everything. Hopefully this article compared fairly, and maybe will help those from outside of CA better understand the cities. Well this has got to be one of the most reasonable SF vs.

As a resident of SF born and raised woo hoo! Thanks for sharing your refreshing take on the topic! Also, please visit SF soon? Or some African cusisines, Ethiopian, Ghanaian, Nigerian?? Very aware my palette skews Asian-American. Although I did give a nod to Little Ethiopia, I def would love to be educated on restaurants from the regions you listed.

Care to share if you know some? People from SF seem to be more caught up in the NorCal vs. Anytime you mention LA to a native San Franciscan, you draw a wrinkled eyebrow and some ire. I even get sneers from some people in norcal. I mean where the hell did this hostility even rise from?! Lol back in LA no one really gave a crap. This was such a pleasurable read. I am satisfied as a native San Franciscan and am now hungry for food. Thanks for the super helpful list, Phil!

Any specific recommendations for a kid from NYC? This is so helpful!

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Thank you so much! Wow Phil, this is awesome, thanks! Hopefully as a resident, not just a tourist.

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Verrrry important for a foodie! Awesome perspective between both cities. Both are equally great plus it all depends on what your looking for.

Look forward to visiting LA and SF one day and maybe move out there. You seem like a veteran when it comes to this! I really enjoyed reading your blog and enjoyed pics to go along with it. My fiance is, like you, from the east bay.

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles : My Unbiased Comparison

I just want to add, that I agree with most of your assessments, but as for Nature and hiking, you might be completely wrong. As an avid hiker, I find that LA offers more diversity in hikes and a better training ground for the Sierras. Wilson is a real mountain, 5,ft high, still within LA City proper. As someone whose always been inspired by the unique geographic terrain that exists here, I was surprised by assessment of nature in LA. Having traveled to different places around the world, including Cape Town SA, the contrast between ocean to desert in LA is truly a rare natural amenity.

If you want to explore nature in LA, check out some hiking trails in the Angeles National Forest, it will open up a whole new world of nature that will surprise most people. The other thing I wanted to mention was your section on Japanese food, showcasing Little Tokyo. While Little Tokyo is cool, the selection of Japanese food is small compared to Gardena where the largest population of Japanese still within the 30 minute radius. If you visit Gardena, you will see find endless options of Japanese food not found anywhere in any other American cities.

You seem to have genuine intentions regarding the topic, so I thought I would add some of my local knowledge from being born and raised here. And I could have long conversations about the differences between the two places, and like you I agree they are both great places to live in! I was born in SF but,have lived in LA through no fault of my own.

SF Is Easy to Love, LA Is Harder — The Bold Italic — San Francisco

Which city is better for raising a family? Does one city have a better culture for raising kind, respectful kids? I want an amazing sense of community. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content True Story Part of me wants to spare you the details.

Part of me wants to tell you everything. YouTube twitter instagram personal facebook personal youtube. Filled with glorious google image photos! Twitter Facebook Google Tumblr. Tagged comparison food la la vs sf los angeles norcal san francisco sf socal. So which city do you like better? There are plenty of days when I really like LA, but loving it?

But I also wonder if that matters so much.

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Because San Francisco is a boutique city. Los Angeles is a mega-mall, huge and sprawling and without curation, but filled with the things I can build a life around. San Francisco is a place that welcomes you in your 20s. It wants to hear about your band, your start-up, your idea for a novel. But San Francisco gets a little bored, starts checking its phone, when you get into your 30s. San Francisco thinks your desire for more than two bedrooms is a little predictable. San Francisco thinks maybe you should look at Los Gatos or Concord or Texas or something when you start going on about public schools.

San Francisco wishes you the best of luck and also wants to know who will be renting your place when you leave. Things that were nightmares in San Francisco are easy here. My first trip to Ikea in Emeryville was a death march back to the city with 60 pounds of particleboard furniture hauled from shuttle bus to BART to Muni and then up hill on Divisadero. My first trip to Target in Los Angeles, I wanted to embrace my fellow shoppers in the parking lot and shake them by the shoulders as we loaded our bags in our respective cars.

From the outside, the packed-in density of San Francisco looks more like a city than the auto-aided sprawl of Los Angeles. But Los Angeles is the actual city, a megalopolis of dizzying variety, more than languages spoken within its borders. San Francisco is obsessed with the past.

  1. San Francisco vs. Los Angeles : My Unbiased Comparison – True Story!
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  4. SF Is Easy to Love, LA Is Harder — The Bold Italic — San Francisco.
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  6. Los Angeles thinks the past is nice as long as it can make itself useful. Where after work I join all the other assholes in the gym, sweating and staring off into the middle distance with headphones on. San Francisco was easy, but easy can be overrated. Los Angeles has been tricky, but tricky keeps me working to carve out a life here. I kind of suck at it. But I remember how good I got at San Francisco, and how much that meant to me. If I could manage to get that good at Los Angeles, I think it would mean even more.